CENA | Dinner 



Entradas | Appetizers


Jicama | Slices of jicama, lime juice, chile piquin  3.99  *VM *GF


Our Famous Guacamole | Creamy avocados, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, chile serranos, fresh chips 10.49  *VM *GF


Quesadillas | Three corn tortillas, cheese, served with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo  9.99  *GF    


Quesadillas Viva Mexico* | One-poblano chiles creamed with corn and glazed onions, one-cactus, one-sautéed mushrooms, all served on corn tortillas.  Served with salsa roja  9.99  *GF 


Elote Tres Marias | Grilled corn on the cob, mayonnaise, sour cream, queso fresco, and chile piquin  4.99  *VM *GF


Queso Fundido* | Melted cheese served with flour tortillas  8.99

With chorizo or mushrooms +1  


Sopes | Three corn masa cakes with your choice of: Black bean | Rajas - Poblano chiles creamed with corn and glazed onions | Chorizo | Chicken Tinga. All topped with lettuce, avocado, tomato, salsa, sour cream, onion slices and queso fresco 11.99  *VM *GM


Molletes | Two half mexican rolls, refried beans, cheese, pico de gallo  5.99  


Flight of Mini Tortas | Three mini tortas (mexican sandwich) of your choice - Chicken Tinga, Milanesa, Ham 9.99  


Nachos de la Casa | Blend of cheeses, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, jalapeños and pico de gallo  10.49  add chicken or marinated steak +1.50 *GF


Shrimp Cocktail*  |  Shrimp, house cocktail sauce, onion, lime, cilantro, served with saltines  13.99  *GM


Ceviche De Camarón* |  Fresh shrimp, lime juice, pico de gallo  small 9.99  large 14.99  *GM


Ceviche De Pescado* | Fresh fish, lime juice, pico de gallo  small 10.99  large 13.99  *GF


Gringa Quesadilla | Flour tortilla, marinated pork and pineapple, cheese and cilantro  11.99




Ensalada | Salad


Ensalada de la Casa | Provecho’s House Salad

Spring mix lettuce, tomato, radish, green onions, cucumber, honeyed pecans. Your choice of Provecho’s house cilantro lime dressing or raspberry vinaigrette dressing 10.50  with chicken* 11.50, with shrimp* 12.50 *VM *GF *#


Ensalada de Mexico | Romaine, organic chicken, tomato, red onion, grilled corn, black beans, avocado, tortilla strips, chipotle dressing  12.50  *GF



Sopas Mexicanas | Mexican Soup


Sopa del dia | Fresh soup of the day

Ask your server for today’s selection  cup 3.99  bowl 5.99  *GM




Entradas | Main Dishes


Pozole Estilo Jalisco | Large white corn, pork, radish, lettuce, and chile piquin  11.99  *GF


Tostadas de Tinga | Organic chicken cooked in mild chipotle sauce, refried beans, shredded lettuce, topped with sour cream, onions, tomato, avocado and queso fresco 12.50  *GF


Tostadas de Pescado | Fresh fish, lime juice, pico de gallo, topped with chipotle sauce 8.99 *GF


Enchiladas Suizas | Organic chicken, salsa verde topped with melted cheese, sour cream, and onion slices. Served with cilantro rice 12.99 


Enchiladas Vegetarianas | Sauteed carrots, green and yellow zucchini, red onion, broccoli. Topped with poblano cream sauce

12.99 *GF *V


Enchiladas Poblanos de Mole | Organic chicken, handcrafted mole poblano sauce, queso fresco topped with sour cream and onion slices. Served with mexican rice  12.99 *#


Mole Poblano | Boned organic chicken breast covered in our handcrafted mole poblano sauce topped with anjojolí (sesame seeds). Served with mexican rice  14.99 *#


Fajitas* | Carmelized onions and peppers, sour cream and guacamole  Chicken 14.99 Steak 15.99 Shrimp 16.99  *GF


Chile Relleno Guadalajara | Roasted poblano pepper lightly egg-battered, fried and stuffed with a savory ground beef and pork mixture, topped with salsa roja.  Served with mexican rice  14.99 






Tacos de Pollo (Taquitos) | Organic chicken, topped with lettuce, salsa roja or salsa verde, onion slices, tomato, avocado, queso fresco and sour cream. Served on a bed of cilantro rice 11.99  *GM


Tacos Poblanos de Rajas | Poblano slices, glazed onions, sour cream  10.50  *GM


Fiesta Tacos | One - Poblano chili slices, glazed onions, creamed with corn. One - Cactus sautéed with onions, One - Chicken Tinga  10.50 *GF 


Carne Asada Tacos | Marinated flank steak, pickled red onions, guacamole, cilantro, radish. Served with pinto beans.  12.99 *GF


Baja Fish Tacos* | Tempura battered or grilled fish, cabbage, cilantro, lime, mango pico de gallo, and avocado cilantro dressing. Served with cilantro rice 13.99  *GM


Acapulco Shrimp Tacos* | Shrimp, chipotle sauce, cilantro, cabbage and lime. Served with cilantro rice  14.99  *GF


Tacos al Pastor | Marinated pork and pineapple, pickled red onions, cilantro, lime. Served with pinto beans 11.99  *GF


Tacos de Carnitas | Pulled pork, onions, cilantro, lime. Served with pinto beans  13.50 *GF




Nuestras Especialiades |  Our Dinner Specials 


Pasta al Chipotle con Camaron* | Chipotle cream sauce, seasoned grilled shrimp served over pasta. Served with garlic toast  14.99 


Chile en Nogada | Roasted poblano pepper stuffed with a savory ground beef and pork mixture, topped with Nogada sauce; a walnut and vanilla cream sauce and pomegranate seeds  15.99 #


Pescado a la Veracruzana* |  White fish sautéed with capers, onions, olives, tomatoes, and chile largo. Served with white rice  16.99 *GF 


Tampiqueña | Steak Tampiqueño style marinated flank steak, mexican rice, black refried beans, enchilada poblano and guacamole 15.99 #




Para Los Chamaco’s | Kid’s Menu


Kids Meal Special (7 & under) | Includes fountain drink and your choice of rice or french fries. Cheese Quesadilla, Chicken Tenders, or two Chicken Taquitos  5.99 *GM


Mini Tortas* | Three mini tortas (mexican sandwich) of your choice. Steak, Chicken or Ham  7.99 


Quesadilla | Cheese quesadilla  5.99 *GM *VM


Tacos de Pollo | Two chicken taquitos, topped with lettuce, and your choice of salsa roja or salsa verde, onions and sour cream  7.99  *GF


Elote Tres Marias | Grilled corn on the cob, mayonnaise, sour cream, queso fresco and chile piquin  4.99  *GF *VM




Desserts | Postres


Flan De La Casa | Traditional egg custard in a caramelized syrup  6.25  *GF


Avocado Pie de Cozumel | Chilled avocado pie in a graham crust  6.99


Mexican Churros | Churros filled with caramel and served with vanilla ice cream  5.99


El Diablo |  Rich chocolate cake topped with mexican chili infused chocolate ganache  6.99  


Platanos con crema |  Bananas and cream served with a sopapilla  6.99 *GM


Sopapillas | Covered in cinnamon and sugar. Served with local honey 4.95


Helados | Vanilla & Chocolate ice cream  3.99




Chescos! | Mexican beverages 


Aguas Frescas del día | Fresh fruit waters. Ask your server for today’s selection  3.99


Jarritos (mexican soda), Sidral Mundet  2.49


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Ice Tea  2.79


Coffee, Tea  2.79




We happily accommodate dietary requests. Please inform your server of any allergies or requests.  


*GF - Gluten Free

*GM - Gluten Modification Available

*VM - Vegan Modification Available

*# - Contains nuts


We are not a strictly gluten free kitchen. While we make every effort to ensure our gluten options meet gluten free standards, we cannot guarantee this as airborne contaminants may exist. 


*Consuming Raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.