Our Journey to Provecho...

Years ago, my husband and I had dreamed about opening up a small breakfast bistro while we were still living in Cozumel, Mexico. We even scouted locations, but soon after finding a lovely little spot another opportunity came along and we put our restaurant dreams on hold.


Fast forward, and after a major move to states, we once again began thinking about a restaurant and how wonderful it would be to share our Mexican culinary heritage with our new community here in Colorado, Springs, CO.


We both enjoy being in the kitchen together creating, enjoying good food and cooking for others and our love of the Mexican family meal time and the flavorful food that has been passed down through the generations has brought us to Provecho. A place where we can share the flavors of home crafted meals of Mexico with you.


Now that our genuine labor of love is finally here, it is our hope that you leave taking with you a piece of the warm culture and memories of exciting food and special drinks.